The scientific rigidity acts very much like a trap, the trap of rationalization. The patient who is a hypersensitive person cannot help being influenced by what he is expected to say, by the quick classification baring the structure too obviously. The neurotic feels his next statement is expected to fit into a logical continuity whose pressure he finally succumbs to. The more this process becomes clear to him, the more he experiences a kind of discouragement with the banality of it. The “naming” of his trouble, being in itself so prosaic, links it to his physical diseases, and deprives him of that very illusion and creative halo which is necessary to the re-creation of a human being. Instead of discovering the poetic, imaginative, creative potentialities of his disease (since every neurotic fantasy is really a twisted, aborted work of art), he discovers the de-poetization of it, which makes of him a cripple instead of a potential artist.

Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol 1. (via steve-kim)